Fliplearn Kids – The Big Picture

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September 9, 2016
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March 7, 2017

Fliplearn Kids – The Big Picture

Change is continuous, “the only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”. – Alan Watts

The emerging trends in educational landscape in has made it pertinent for integration of technology in the classroom. 21st century learners are born into an environment where technology has changed the we live, get information, communicate, commute etc. The way we learn as well can’t be left out, hence the need for “technology in the classroom”.

Over the past few years, we have dramatically seen a swift rise in the use of digital learning tools across the globe and in Nigerian, internet connectivity and access to learning contents have been of high requisite. This has also made it pertinent for educators to re-look teaching and learning pedagogy.

A phenomenal number of schools are increasingly willing to move away from “chalk n talk” style and embrace individualized/blended learning but with little or no knowledge on how to chart this course.

Fliplearn Kids is an EdTech Service Provider that is passionate about sustaining internalized learning, as an essential substitute to rote memorization (a system of learning that encourages cramming, which robs the learner the ability to retain what’s learnt).

Our services provide schools with professional support on how to transit into 21st century learning and not just investing in technology for technology sake. Its ranges from:

  • Training of educators,
  • Nurturing of creativity and use of imagination using our eCreative Digital Platform
  • Local content based Learning Management Platform
  • Virtual reality content demo sessions (with focus on Math, Science, Social Studies and Global Contents)

With technology being just a tool and playing a very big role in the kids learning experience, the teachers are also major players in motivating the kids and getting them to work collectively.

With our various digital technology solutions, we aim to redefine learning for K-12 and create an immersive experience for them to cherish. Regardless of geographical area, we create an environment for learning where kids all over the world can Communicate, Collaborate and Create.

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